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Usage of IoT in Real Life

Whenever we explore the definition of IoT, we observe some overly technical definitions. These definitions only leave us more confused.

What Is IoT?

Whenever we explore the definition of IoT, we observe some overly technical definitions. These definitions only leave us more confused. IoT is such a broad concept that it’s hard to nail down the specifics of this topic. But we are going to try anyway.

Internet is everywhere today from the laptops and desktops to the smartphones with us. Every device we own in our lives today in some way or another connected to the internet. And that is exactly what Internet of Things or IoT is about.

The basic concept of IoT is connecting and taking everything to the internet. By making this, all the devices would be able to receive and send data online, wirelessly. Sounds awesome, but what is the real-life application of this concept?

Today we are all using the fitness trackers to track our health, smartwatches to track our emails and messages on the go. We are using Google Home and Amazon Alexa for various things, like asking them about whether or to play a particular song.

Internet of Things is about the perfect balance between the devices and applications. These comfortable and affordable to develop mobile apps work seamlessly with IoT devices to provide us with excellent IoT experience.

All of these are IoT examples. From the smart thermostat to the coffee brewer at our homes, they are all examples of IoT. Anything that can connect to the internet and receive and send data online is part of IoT.

Uses Of IoT

The concept of IoT is broad, but also the application of it can be modified to fit even the smallest part of our life. Let us tell you about the 5 most popular application of IoT in real life.

IoT in Agriculture

The growing population of the world is rising the demand for food every day. And to reach that need, the application of IoT is essential for agriculture.

With the use of Internet of Things in the agricultural industry, we can solve the massive demand for food due to the growing population of the world.

Farmers are relying massively on the use of technologies and smart devices to practice precision farming. With this method, different phases of agriculture, such as the soil condition, humidity, and heat, can be closely monitored. The irrigation system can be changed to work accordingly with the farming position.

The usage of drones and livestock monitoring are making sure that we get fresh and clean produce. With smart Greenhouse, manual labor can be reduced, which in turn decreases production loss, energy loss, and labor cost. It is an all-around effective way of solving the world food problem.

IoT in Making Smart City

Even though the smart city seems like something out of a science fiction book, it is a current reality. With the purpose of IoT, city leaders and managers are using low-cost sensors and wifi-enabled devices to manage the various requirements and needs of the residents of the city.

This application of IoT can be utilized to trash management, water wastage, control traffic, and in many other spheres. The maintenance and infrastructure of the city can be developed to a perfect point with the proper implementation of IoT.

As an example, we can quickly look at the application of IoT to manage the famous LA traffic difficulty. With the usage of magnetic road sensors and camera feed, the authorities were able to reduce the traffic by 16%. This is real-life data of how much IoT can change our lives.

IoT in Healthcare

Healthcare is directly affecting all our lives. Using the application of IoT, the healthcare system can enhance leaps and bounds.

The wearable tech is a big part of IoT can help patients to keep track of their vitals, like blood pressure, calorie count blood pressure, etc. They can also use it to keep track of their heart rate, set reminders for daily exercise schedule, doctors appointment, medicines. The data gathered by the wearable device is stored in the cloud so that the doctors can, later on, check the data and handle the patients accordingly.

The matter of IoT in health care does not end here. With this technology, it is now easy to keep track of hospital equipment. With IoT devices, nurses and doctors can be easily tracked and communicated whether they are in the hospital or out of it. The application of IoT in Healthcare is performing it more and more efficient every day.

IoT in Smart Home

The matter of IoT and Smart Homes is a vast concept, but we will try to make it compact for you. IoT can be applied to some things when it comes to a household, from air conditioners, thermostat, speakers, pet feeders and now, even coffee makers.

With the usage of smartphones application, you can manage all the home devices that are connected to the internet. And with the application of IoT in the home protection system, our homes are even more protected than before.

In the smart homes and application of IoT, only the thing we can say is that it is a life-changing application of technology. With the AI-powered home automation systems, our homes could become something right from the science fiction stories we loved as kids.

IoT in Wearables

Wearable technology is the most well known IoT application in our life. From Fitbit to Smartwatches, we are using wearables every day to make our life easier.

From keeping track of our health to making sure that we stay updated with our texts and emails on the go, these wearables are a fashionable and trendy choice for the tech-savvy. But not only the smartwatches, today we have smart glasses, smart shoes and even, smart. Altogether, these applications of IoT combines technology and fashion in the best way possible.


One of the questions remains, and that is, is IoT safe for our data?

It is a valid question. IoT depends heavily upon the combination of our data, whether it is what kind of setting we used to wash our clothes to where we travel all the time. This data can be hacked into and misused.

So does it imply we should stop using IoT?

The thing is that IoT is yet in its developmental stage. It is yet being explored and discovered. So obviously it isn’t easy for us to know all about the protection of IoT devices. But with some warning, we can make the most of this new technology. Which is why, rather than avoid this technology altogether, we should be more cautious in our approach to IoT.

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